Hypnotherapist in Pune

Hypnotherapist is a person who uses a special technique to take a client to the state of mind where the given positive suggestions (affirmations) embedded permanently in the client's mind.

Hypnotherapist with the special techniques take a client to the hypnotic sleep (half sleep and half awake) gives Affirmations and address emotional issues of the client. Through Hypnosis the issues could address permanently. The success rate of a Hypnotherapy is 93%.

Before carrying out the Hypnotherapy session, a counseling session is must. This helps the therapist to understand the problems of the patient and accordingly the affirmations being designed. Affirmations are always tailored made and not same for all.

Hypnotherapy can help in-
• Anxiety and Stress Management
• Grief
• Decision Making
• Anger Management
• Confidence
• Stage Fright
• Insomnia
• Weight Loss and Weight Management
• Sports Improvement
• Smoking
• Relaxation Techniques
• Increase In Self Esteem
• Pain Management
• Dental Anxiety
• Relationships
• Public Speaking
• Headaches
• Fear of Flying
• Drug & Alcohol Depende