Case Study

Herewith one more case study

Hi friends,

This is Samir Gupte & I am herewith one more case study.

Dears, today I am going to share a case study of an S.S.C. boy who passed out very recently & scored 72% marks & tried to ran away from the house . The family members were shocked to see such low marks as the expectations were 90 plus. The parents & the boy were in agony & were thinking of applying for the rechecking..

The father thought of meeting the school teachers & discussed the matter with them. Shocking to interact with the teaching staff, the teachers said the boy got the deserving marks as never scored more than 68% in of the school exams for the entire year, so the marks he received were absolutely correct. In fact the entire years progress card been shown to the father & the father was shocked with report, no where, the boy scored more than 70%. On what basis expectations were 90 plus, god only knows.

Exposed completely the boy made a serious attempt to ran away from the house but got caught fortunately. The family brought him over to me & as the part of the treatment I interacted with all, initially in group & followed by one to one. The facts reveled by the boy were put me into the second thought. The neighboring boy scored 90% plus in the same exam last year, so the same expectations from the boy. He told me clearly that he never had an interests in academics but has in the instrument playing. It was a pressure on him to have the same kind of score & always been scolded for not getting the same, in the lower academic years. He said he has limitations, can't score as high marks & to avoid scolding, used to tell inflated marks. The boy was frightened & I gave him the psychological support. I told him that I will be speaking to his parents & will convince them for his choice of the career option. The boy relaxed out & I had an interaction with parents where I told them clearly of not to put pressure on the son & cooperate for the his choice of the career option.

In the long run that only will benefit him. The parents realized the mistake & accepted the reality. I counsel the boy for not to flub, but speak the reality, it is danger if fire is been hided inside the carpet, to which he agreed upon. Six mind body relaxations sessions were given to the boy & all went off happily.

Here, I would like to tell the society, please do not put your children to the rat race. Some one else's son scored high, so has to be mine, is a wrong approach. Each one is intelligent, but if you grade monkey fish elephant & dog on their skill of climbing the tree, fish will never come out of the nervous break down. Please avoid this. Various analytical tastes are available were you could asses your child & find out his or her liking. Have them the career option as per their interests, they will flourish in that. Our society is experiencing very high amount of Stress Tension Anxiety Depression. One among the three, is a victim of the Depression & violence in the society is an indicator . With all other reasons, career is not in the subject of interest is also one of the reasons. The role of the parents is important here. The entire education system needs a re look. Lot more could be spoken here but I take a halt.

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