Case Study

Case study with you people

Hi friends,
today I am going to discuss one more case study with you people.

This is the story about a couple who had twenty two years of married life. Both of them got married to a very young age, and completed twenty two years of the marriage. One son, studying in the College. The husband was having a very good job in an renowned company.

The wife was in the depression, here in such cases the detailed discussion with both the partners is utmost important. After discussing with them, initially with both of them at a time followed by a one to one, came to know about the serious issues between them. One of the issues was very serious and you could say, this one was the root cause of all the other issues. It was an adultery from one of the partners’ side. In such cases the matter becomes all together more delicate and needs utmost care to handle from the therapist side.

I had series of sittings with both of them as the regain of the trust is of ultimate importance. It took series of sittings for me and I advised them to go for an outstation for the couple of days once the therapy gets over. Only they two and no-one else with. After the series of the counseling sessions, I had an Hypnotherapy sessions with both of them, where I had to erase the past negative memories from both of them and develop faith trust about each others. It took me twenty sessions with the wife and fifteen sessions with the husband. I gave my customized audio clip to both of them ( thirty minutes each). Here in such clips, l take the person to the trance and give positive suggestions to the Subconscious mind of that person and finally the sleep instructions. The person has to listen it at the time of going to the bed. The person sleeps with the positive suggestions and morning gets up with the same. Down the line three months the person programmed accordingly. The couple is enjoying their married life very much now and I got satisfaction as one marriage could got saved.

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