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Case of a college going girl of the age of 19 years

Hi friends,
Today I am with one more case discussion. I am going to discuss a case of a college going girl of the age of 19 years, teaching in one of the Colleges of the city. She came to me with her friend and both of them wanted make an improvement in the area of the concentration, memory power, will power, intelligency level, willing to work hard and so on. I made counseling of both the clients (of course separately) where I found with one friend no problems and responded very well to the Hypnotherapy sessions and shown improvement on all above mentioned parameters but with this girl, l was still not inclined to start with the sessions and consistently felling something wrong some where. The girl was hiding something from me in the counseling sessions.

In such cases I give two relaxation sessions of the Hypnotherapy and third Interrogation session. Here I take the person to the Delta Trance and asked about the past. The patient is in delta trance and cannot hide anythings from me. This I do, to have an accurate diagnosis of the person and the information gathered never been shared with anyone. Here the person vomits everything about his/her life and it becomes easy for me to design the accurate positive suggestions, which would be given to the Subconscious mind in the subsequent sessions.

The Interrogation with the girl was horrible. Number of sexual molestation right from the childhood age. The real uncle, the neighbor, the school teacher, the cousin brother and so on. It was an horrifying experience for me also, as felt very sorry for her. No doubt the girl was so collapsed inside. The session lasted for three and half hours and made her to emptied all her mind. She cried a lot and started feeling lighter and more relaxed than earlier. Apart from the affirmations on the above mentioned parameters, I designed the affirmations on improving the inner strength . She needed to be made strong to handle all these agony and made her further more strong to handle such things in future. Designed a customized audio clip for her which she needs to listen at the time of going to the bed. Here I take the person to the trance and give positive suggestions to the Subconscious mind of the person and finally the sleep instructions. The person sleeps the entire night with those positive thoughts and getting up in the morning, the first thing struck to his mind is those positive thoughts.

This needs to be done for three months and subsequently after the three months the person programmed accordingly. She listened that clip religiously and started experiencing the peace of mind and the sound sleep. No need to tell you that she improved on her academic performance and got transformed in to a strong lady which was utmost required. I suggested her to learn karate or more of such kind of activity to improve upon the self-defense skills. She is in touch with me on the what's app and mails and enjoying her life with lots more positivity.

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