Case Study

This story is about a couple

Hallo friends,
This Samir Gupte once again with one more case study. Friends this story is about a couple, visited me an year back. Both husband & wife working, very young age newly married & and a love marriage. Husband visited massage parlors few times and told obediently to the wife. On the face, the wife accepted it but hurt inside. Obviously the strain relationship. Husband wants to sort out these issues as well as need my help in the career counselling. Wife had a problem of fearful dreams, the dreams of the accidents, the death & unable to sleep the entire night. Also hurt inside as felt like cheated by her husband.

I had an interaction with both of them, initially together and than separate. Asked the husband to avoid visiting such places as the wives with trust give self to their husbands, so its responsibility of the husband to maintain the trust and vice versa. Love, trust, transparency & care are the four wheels of the marriage life & has to be maintained by both.

I did counselling of both, on these issues, to which the husband promised the loyalty & wife exhibited the forgiveness. I did a career counselling of the husband & help him to decide his short term, mid term & long term goals. Six hypnotherapy sessions conducted with him & those goals been seeded in his subconscious mind, so also given him the instructions to maintained trust with his life partner . The customized audio clip was given to him to listened at the time of going to the bed. The affirmations on the concentration, positive mind set, inner strength, high will power, getting well with the people, willing to work hard, patience & so on been incorporated with the set career goals.

I always give such customized audio clips to my clients, the clip is of thirty minutes & downloaded in the mobile. Client has to listen the same, at night, at the time of going to the bed for three months & down the line three months the person transformed accordingly.

With wife, I conducted Past Life Regret ion sessions, and the fear removed from her mind. During first session, which turned out to be the age regression session, the things reviled, as she saw an accidental death of her uncle, aunt, their son at the childhood age & that was the trauma, which got reviled in the session.

The couple is enjoying the happy life now & in touch with me consistently.

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