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A case of an alcoholic person

Hi friends, I am once again with one more case discussion. Today I discuss a case of an alcoholic person. The person is of forty four years engineer with very good track record of the own business. His wife is an educated lady and a small family of a daughter and a son. Some how the person incurred a loss in the business and had to sell his flat, at the time of leaving that home, a small daughter said of not leaving that place and a very sensitive this man of our story collapsed inside. The Self made careerist slide in to a very high degree of depression and slipped into the addiction of the alcohol. The man started buzzing heavily. A small bottle of thirty ml, sometimes fifteen fifteen bottles in a day. This continued for more than six years, at a time the person wanted to leave the habit, but when the urge arises of consuming the drink, he becomes helpless.

I had been consulted that time every one lost with the hopes and the person him self was with low moral and loss of the confidence level. I started with my counciling sessions and followed with the Hypnotherapy sessions. The person was not in a position to come to my clinic, I had to visit his place. Some cases we need to give a door step service as the patient is not in a position to come to the clinic. I had two sessions of counciling and ten Hypnotherapy sessions and followed by the customised audio clip, which needs to be listened at the time of going to the bed. I always give customised audio clip to my all my patients which they need to listen at the time of going to the bed.

Here I take the person to the trance and give positive suggestions to the Subconscious mind of the person and finally give the sleep instructions, the person sleeps with those positive thoughts through out the night and morning gets up with the same positive thoughts, down the line three months the person programmed accordingly and the desired changes could get noticed. Today the person stayed away from the the consumption of the liquor and the family feels relieved and relaxed. The motivational thoughts also been inculcated in him through the audio clip and with the utmost positive mind set and very high courage, very high moral the highest of the conviction, the person has once again opened up his second innings and confident of winning back the lost glory.

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