Case Study

Case of an engineering first class graduate student from Nagpur city.

Hi. I am once again with the new case discussion. Today I am going to discuss the case of an engineering first class graduate student from Nagpur city. Let's call him Mandar. As I said Mandar was a first class graduate and did Diploma in management with marketing as specialization and started working for the telecommunications company.

Though the bright student but once you enter the corporate world the equation changes. During college days your parents pay the fees but in the job market, company pays you the salaries. And when you get penny you get extracted for billions. This is the rule of the life in this world. Mandar was getting difficulty in copping up with the demands and was loosing interest in the job.

And when professionally you won't do well, personally also you don't. Mandar came to me with his parents and looking very frustrated tense depressed and low confidence level. Interacting, I came to know that, never ever in the life, he had been given any responsibility. Father was very possessive about him and over possessiveness is always harmful.

So also don't believe on anyone and having habit of poking everywhere. This makes their children paralysed and hampers their growth. I had to council him for that and told him that I would tranceformed his son to the confidant person but at the end the boy had to stay away from him, if he wants the real growth of his son.

The father agreed and I started working on Mandar. I had six sessions with him where I boosted his confidence level and made him respecting self. The person has to love, respect and accept self, then and then only he could love respect others and gel well with them. The customised audio clip had been given to Mandar to listen for three months during night time, which he did religiously.

Today Mandar is in Bangalore, working with one of the IT companies there, and his parents are at Nagpur. Mandar is in touch with me on what's app and some times phone and happy with his life. Parents are planning to tie his knot soon and for that Mandar is ready.

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