Case Study

Case of The person is in depression

Hi friends,
Hi. Let me share one more case with you. This is 27 years old engineering boy came to me with his sister, brother in law and grand mother. The person is in depression. Lost interest in the life and sits lonely in the room for hours togather. No work no food nothing but sitting at one place for an entire day.

Interacting with him, I came to know so many facts about him. At the age of 8 th he stoned one dog and it hurt the dog very much and the boy got very sad for it. It's impacted him so much that even after twenty years, he could not forget that.

The person was in a twelvth standard and fall in love with one girl and the girl refused him, this man couldn't accept it and felt very nervous and slips in to the depression. Here I must say, the role of the parents play very important. The children couldn't discuss these things with the parents, either discussed with the friends, who are of the same age and get misguided or remained tight lipped and die within inside of them. This boy was from rural areas so communication with the parents on such issues gets ruled out completely.

Would like to say much on the parenting but just want to say one thing to all to have good communication with your children, very important as they need to be guided on various issues especially in the age of adulthood. Established such a communication channel with them that they should feel free to come to you and discuss their problems with you. Here the boy could not cope up with the negative reply from that girl. Good communication with our kids make them capable not only to handle the rejections but also make them confidant enough to handle any of the adversaries of the life, as every time they will feel that their parents are with them and this feeling will make them confidant in the life. I Councelled him on all his issues and had my Hypnotherapy sessions with him. I had six sessions with him and gave my audio clip to listen at the time of going to the bed at night time.

I always give the customised audio clip to my clients which they have to listen at the time of going to the bed during night time for three months. Here I take the person to the trance and give positive suggestions to the Subconscious mind of that person and finally give the sleep instructions. The person sleeps with the positive thoughts through out the night and morning gets up with those positive thoughts. Down the line the three months the person programmed accordingly. Today the boy is working with a good engineering company could make some friends goes with them out to enjoy the monsoon season and all and in touch with me telephonically.

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