Case Study

Case of a peculiar army Colonel.

Hi friends, this is Mr Samir Gupte the Hypnotherapist, once again I am with one more case discussion. Here I share a case of a peculiar army Colonel. This Colonel served the army for twenty five years.

Been to the different parts of the country, felicitated with various medals now having his own training school. The Colonel facing a severe problem of Insomnia (the sleep disorder). Serving with the institution where utmost alertness requires, developed an anchor in the brain of round the clock alertness, now even so many years of post retirement the strong anchor hadn't vanished.

The person requested me to work on this and said to me to work on urgently. I concilied him thoroughly to ruled out any other reasons for the sleep disorder. After my satisfaction, I started with the Hypnotherapy to remove the anchor from his mind. It was a strong anchor and in Army school you had been trained like that, they mould you to be the most alert and fast responding person. The number of sittings required were bit higher but finally we could overcome the problem.

I gave him my audio clip to listen at the time of going to the bed, which he listened for three months. Every patient gets a customized audio clip which one has to listen at the time of going to the bed for minimum three months. The clip is of thirty minutes, here I take the person to the trance and give positive suggestions to the Subconscious mind of the person, the person sleeps with those positive suggestions and gets up in the morning with those positive thoughts, down the line three months the person programmed accordingly. The Colonel is relieved completely from the old problem and enjoying peaceful night sleep.

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